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Why Us

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everscreen Media is a dedicated system used to deliver and play local programming content, which is focused on advertising, entertainment, and consumer education. We deliver relevant community information in an innovative, friendly and engaging way. Our customized programming delivers local where to find information such as where to eat, where to play, where to have fun and other desired content intended to engage and entertain local customers. We serve up a live stream of compelling content that informs and connects people to their world…also known, as "things people actually want to know.”

By featuring localized content, we allow each client to cultivate an organic community dialog. Oh - and we dial it in, right down to the local community our viewers are watching from (you know that geo-targeting business everyone's buzzing about).

everscreen Media gives local businesses and organizations a way to reach and educate their local communities with direction, demonstration, or explanation to visualize the possibilities of their products and services. Our engaging local content draws customer attention. This allows you the opportunity to effectively target and reach a captive audience of an appealing demographic who are prime targets to check out your business.

With everscreen Media you can engage people at a time when they are having fun. Turn these state-of-the-art screens into digital information for: food and drink specials; live music schedules; hours of operation; or special events and promotions in your establishment and throughout your community.

In addition to providing advertising and entertainment for customers, we’re able to better connect the community by showcasing such relevant, localized information like local theatre show dates, charity events and other topics of interest. Our team is pleased to be hearing that even our local advertisers are patronizing our locations just to see their own advertisements and show them off to their family and clients. How cool is that!

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