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A passerby browses real estate listings through

an interactive storefront window display

The proliferation of GPS-enabled smartphones and the advent of location-based mobile browsing has spawned a new breed of consumer that expects marketing to happen seamlessly, “in the moment” -- whenever and wherever they are at. It’s a new HERE AND NOW consumer culture that blends the online and offline worlds,fueled by the demand for instant gratification, the desire for more meaningful brand interactions and shared experiences, and the expectation that technology should enable these.

Traditional advertising and media is akin to a pirate’s treasure map. A billboard, TV or print ad  is like an ancient scroll of crude landmarks and runes with a prominent “x” marking the spot at which the treasure can be found... Except the map tends not to travel with the reader. So, the consumer must see or find the map, decipher the map, and desire the treasure enough to navigate the indicated path to the plunder (i.e. fulfillment). It’s obvious that, given today’s technology and media, this method has several deficiencies: Consumers must receive, understand, determine the relevance of -- then act upon -- a single message, ignoring all others until they reach fulfillment. We all know that, along the path, the consumer will encounter other messages (noise), distracting them from their quest and pulling them off course.

The traditional “treasure map” marketing model necessitates a single consumer follow a linear path that can’t be strayed from.


Everscreen's Location-based marketing approach acts like a constant beacon, using (primarily) digital media to draw consumers towards a single destination (or multiple destinations) through a constant stream of messages and brand interactions. At each beep of the beacon, the consumer is delivered an experience relevant to their physical location and needs at the time of the interaction. Just as a ship would signal others nearby, so too can the consumer enroll others in these experiences through social networking and mobile technologies. If you are an Real Estate broker and want to reach the customer of today, Contact Us for further Information Today.





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Achieve campus-wide connectivity through a single point of access. Reach out to students and faculty with emergency bulletins, class notices and event promotions.

Impress prospective students, parents and visitors with a progressive, technology-forward school environment.

Send an environmentally conscious message by drastically reducing usage of paper, ink and plastics. With an everscreen system, your school will be on the cutting edge.

  • Generate extra revenue. Use your everscreen system as a fund-raising opportunity to sell naming rights.
  • Help with wayfinding. Via touchsceen kiosks, visitors will no longer feel lost with strategically placed interactive maps.
  • Show off your school pride. With  high-contrast, professional-grade screens, your team colors will look brighter and sharper than ever.





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Car Dealership

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